Horse riding in Borovets


Do you want to feel free and in complete harmony with nature? Take the chance and discover the stunning scenery of the Rila Mountains on horseback. An adventure, you will never forget... you will agree that nothing quite beats the thrill of exploring on horseback. Borovets offers a lot of interesting trails for riders of all levels. Horse riding is a great way of exploring the forests and mountains. There is something romantic and yet thrilling about heading off for a trek on horseback following the footsteps of early explorers and pioneers.

No experience is necessary and a local guide will always accompany you! While sitting astride your trusty steed, you will appreciate the natural beauty of the mountains from a totally different viewpoint. Treks of just a few hours up to several days (where you overnight on the mountain) can be arranged. There are also several horse-riding routes around the beautiful Lake Iskar.