Quad biking

4x4 and quad bike tours are available on the forest tracks around Borovets and high into the mountains. Try out your skills by driving a monstrous 4X4 Land Rover Defender or go for a gentle forest drive on of our ATV/quad bikes. The variety of trails, as well as our experience, make it possible to suit all levels, whether you're a beginner or a long time ATV driver. We provide a safe yet truly unique adventure, which allows you to enjoy nature, scenery and the adrenaline rush of off road driving.



Bulgaria’s lakes and rivers offer excellent trout fishing, along with pike, carp and bream. From Borovets you don’t have to travel far for some great fishing. You can choose from the fast running Cerni Iskar and Maritsa rivers or for calmer waters why not enjoy a day in a boat in the centre of the Lake Iskar. There are also a number of well stocked pools just on the outskirts of Samokov. We can put you in contact with local fishermen to help you find exactly what you are looking for.

Fishing during the month of May is forbidden for all sweet water fish due to spawning. Salmon fishing in the mountains from October to December is also banned.


Borovets was first setup in the 19th century as a hunting lodge for the Bulgarian kings. To this day it stays true to it origins and hunting is still very popular amongst the locals. There are a number of game reserves in the surrounding mountains with many species including several types of deer, chamois, mouflons, wild boar, bear, capercaillies, hares, partridges and pheasants. Bulgaria ranks as one of the best locations in Europe for hunting. However the sport is strictly regulated and controlled so if you are interested in a hunting trip please check with us first and we can put you in touch with a local expert.

Golf in Borovets


Golf is still a developing sport in Bulgaria and there are only a few courses in the country. This is expected to change soon as several courses are planned across the country including two in the Borovets area. Borovets is lucky however to have two excellent course close at hand.

The very first Bulgarian golf course, Air Sofia Club, is located on the outskirts of Ihtiman, a small town just 30 minutes from Borovets. The course has matured nicely over the last few years and we are confident that you will find an enjoyable challenge on the 18 hole, par 71 course.

Slighty further away is the St. Sofia Golf course in Ravno Pole. This course is located on the edge of Sofia, the capital city, and is just over an hour from Borovets. Again this is an 18 hole, par 71 course.

Non-members are welcome to play on both courses and both clubs also have qualified training academies.